Shy Glizzy Ft. Plies - Free The Gang (Video)


Boosa Da Shoota, “Intro” (2014)

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The Glizzies - Microphone (Video)

30 Glizzy - Kick Door (Video) (Prod. by Young Clip aka Clip5)

This has been played daily since it came out…

AB Icee ft. Sy - Versace Shades (Video)

Foams SB - Crazy

(Fat Trel cameo)

Shy Glizzy - Uncut 3



Rambo Da G - Whatchu Sno

Shout out to the 1-10 people that read this, seriously

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Postscript from Muggsy Malone about mistakes, prison, etc. Over a classic. I can’t do the song justice. Hopefully he doesn’t get locked up…

That’s my monthly (ish) round up of DC-area Hip Hop/Rap (below on that Tumblr.)

P-Wild flips “Everything Project” so his identity as a rapper isn’t presented as positive. “Everything Project” as in a depressing/stressful upbringing and living environment that he made the best of and was/is proud of.

Sad and relatable, Nike Nando tells a tale of betrayal from his lady. 

I hate the word relatable though.